Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Gypsy Potter is on the road again...

WhyNot Seagrove, NC....
This week we're heading to Seagrove to immerse ourselves in a week of pottery, and the red clay of my home state, North Carolina. We will be staying in a quant little pottery studio/gallery/log cabin compound nestled in the longleaf pine trees, along side of the road called "Potters Highway"... Our host for this excursion is Jane Braswell, owner of the pottery studio that used to be the home of Wild Rose Pottery operated by Jane and her then husband Michael Mahan. They raised a family there while building a small studio/gallery, a beautiful home, and later a larger log cabin studio and apartment, and a thriving pottery business... After Jane left the pottery business the studio and log cabin became Avery Pottery for around six years. That's where we will be staying while we soak in the ambiance of the local mud.
Why Seagrove you may answer is WhyNot?....that is actually where the studio is...WhyNot, NC...I worked for a number of potters in Seagrove before I started my own studio here in New Hampshire, and one of the last days I "turned pots" in Seagrove, was for Jane at The Wild Rose Studio. Very Rustic at the time, the log cabin was only a studio with a small wood stove for heat, and clay everywhere. As I remember it the loft was freezing cold...Jane promises that it is more like a house now that a studio, with a kitchen and indoor bathroom. We can't wait to spend the week there.

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