Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting the year off ...with a day off

Day 1 - Michele and I went for a walk at the Zoo ....

The Lazy Lion

...our walk was brisk, but this guy wasn't impressed.

We did stop to see what the beasts were doing on our way through the park.

Our zoo is designed with a lot of space between animal habitats, spread out along 3 miles of trail through the woods.  The walk back from the  giraffes' habitat at the Africa entrance pavilion to the entrance took us just under 25 minutes.   I estimate that the strait through walk was about 2 miles.

I am calling the North Carolina Zoo "our" zoo, because it is almost in our back yard, between Seagrove and Asheboro.

 I plan to take more time off...and to walk through the woods with the animals...

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