Saturday, January 23, 2010

Connectivity? that I have started this blog, I need to figure out how to tie it together with face book and twitter updates. I don't want to repeat what I'm writing but I do want to share the content with everyone that is interested. I know it must be easy, I just haven't found the right ...button or what ever i need to do........maybe i Meesh?...or just look a little harder...oh well for now I just tell you that my FB page is under Jeff Brown Pottery...I have posted photos from past years at the studio, shows and firings.


  1. OK...I figured it out!!! simple it on the button at the top of the page!...and I was trying to make it more complicated that it I am off to find a button to send my Face Book updates to the blog....

  2. I thot this was the Hairy Potter Video! Oh My bad!