Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to work...OK?

I have been very slowly getting back to the studio. I did a couple quick photo sessions for Michele and so we can get more work on our pages...She sold her first piece on Etsy a few days ago....with in hours of posting it!!!

I did actually work on a few pots a few days ago. I put some goblets together, and trimmed bowls. Mostly I have been shuffling inventory...Jim Livermore is moving his Dover, NH gallery (Village Goldsmith Gallery) across the street, so I boxed up my work so he would have a few less things to worry about moving. I'll restock his shelves after he settles into the new space.

I'm taking lamps over to the LNHC Concord Retail Gallery tomorrow on my way to a studio in Mont Vernon, NH.

time to get out the door...I have a mug order to fill.


  1.'s so hard to get back into the studio when it's so #$%'n cold!!!!

  2. Hello Jeff! Welcome to the blogging world! Great header photo!

  3. Thank you Jewels...I hope I can share words and photos of interest.